It has no obstacles in opening disk defragmenter also. Open command prompt and type “dfrgui” in the command line and press enter. The time it takes for the optimization process to complete is determined by the number of files, size of the drive, and extent of fragmentation. If you know the drive is large, it’s better to perform this step when you won’t be in front of your PC for an extended period.

The new Settings interface is pleasantly redesigned, but some advanced dialogs still show elements of the old design. An Entertainment widget surfaces new movies and TV shows, and the Family widget is good for those who use Microsoft Family Safety parental controls tools. Matt is TechRadar’s Managing Editor for Computing and Entertainment, looking after two of the best, and most exciting, channels on the site. Ever since he got an Amiga A500+ for Christmas in 1991, he’s loved using computers, and will talk endlessly about how The Secret of Monkey Island is the best game ever made. He’s also a huge film and TV fan and Marvel geek, and his favorite recent film is Dune.

🖥 How to Factory Reset a PC

If it has Solid state drive in that field, it’s an SSD. The Windows 10 built-in defrag tool gives us a convenient and straightforward way to optimize hard drives as you can see from previous paragraphs. Moreover, the software also provides another way to enhance PC performance – SSD 4K alignment. Nowadays, even the most high-end computers can become sluggish and slow sometimes. There’re many causes that can slow down a PC’s performance, and one of them is the fragmentation of hard drives. Over time, as files are saved, re-saved, or deleted on the hard drive, small info packets will eventually be scattered across the hard drive, instead of being all together.

  • You can also enter the terms below into Windows’ desktop search tool to help you find them.
  • Today we will see, how Go Now you can defrag a drive in Windows 10.
  • To restore your files after a Windows 10 factory reset, connect the device used by File History to your computer.
  • Cortana is no longer part of the Windows install process, though you can still download it as an app through the Microsoft Store.

Just press the correct key combination to open the editor. And needless to say, both tools allow you to capture the full screen or a specific area. One of the highlights of ShareX is that it gives you access to a plethora of tools and options.

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Intelligently apply the most suitable defrag/optimize method for different disks to reach top performance. Defragment large files to accelerate disk read/write speed and enhance disk durability. Puran Defrag uses a bit specific way of scheduling the defrags, for example, you can set up the defragmentation every hour, when the system is idle, or when the screensaver starts.

It’s a compelling solution for broadcasting streaming video, with many great features for mixing and combining sources to create a very professional look. The software was designed for hardcore streamers who need strict control over every second of their stream. For a simple push-and-record scenario, it isn’t effortless to use and not as intuitive as other solutions on the market. The software is free and worth a try if you don’t mind a bit of a learning curve and look for something with a lot of flexibility. Taking Windows screenshots can be helpful, but if you’re searching for something more concrete to capture your screen, then you can’t go wrong with screen recording your Windows. In the Capture window, click the white circle icon to start your screen recording.

I’ll explain how to record a website with and without a camera on Windows. Since its inception, screen recorders have been a game-changing tool for a range of users. While there’s a native video capture tool in Windows 10, individuals with older versions of Windows need an alternative.